Tournament Director (TD) Program

Our TD Program is free  with our membership

Please bring 1 nonperishable food item to help our local food pantry.

The Chess for Charity Club is happy to announce our Tournament Director (TD) Program. We currently host multiple US Chess rated tournaments every week and would like to help you learn and gain the experience you need to become a confident Club Tournament Director on your way to Local and Senior TD. The program will consist of hands on experience creating, pairing, and submitting tournaments. 

Topics that will be covered but not limited to:

  1. Club TD Certification.
  2. Tournament Director preparation.
  3. SwissSys tournament pairing software.
  4. Common rules and TD discretion.
  5. Pairing options.
  6. US Chess interface with pairing software.
  7. How to find help (you will run into questions along the way).
  8. Common mistakes when submitting tournaments.

It is highly recommended to purchase a US Chess rule book here. The kindle version is recommended due to the search function. If you are a chess player, you can still participate in the tournament as you gain valuable experience learning the TD ropes. 

To join this program, please click the button above to fill out our form. After submission of this form, we will contact you to confirm your enrollment in the TD program.  If you have been looking for a way to get involved in the Chess community and possibly start your own chess club, this is a great start.  I look forward to working with you. 

- Coach Ray

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